Daily Admissions

Come to Go Bananas and play all day! With this option, one parent must stay in the play center at all times with the children, no exceptions. If your child needs help in the playground, feel free to accompany them. All kids and adults require socks to play. Our weekend rates are applicable during holidays and on Pro D days.

Daily Rates
$10.99 per child (any age)

Drop and Shop Service

Go Bananas offers a drop and shop service, where parents can leave kids that are over 5 years of age for up to two hours while they go shopping.

The drop and shop rate is added to our regular admission price, depending on what day of the week it is. Parents must have a US or Canadian cell phone number to use this service, no exceptions will be made. Make sure you are on time for pick up. If you are late, we charge $1 per minute per child. This is not a one on one babysitting service. The children are expected to play in the playground independently. All kids and adults require socks to play. We sell socks, but they are $2.25 a pair.

Drop and Shop Rates
1 hour $2.00 per child
2 hours $4.00 per child

Please note…

  • All children and adults entering the playground must wear socks, no exceptions.
  • If you are staying with the kids, make sure to bring something to do. We recommend bringing a book or magazine. We offer free wifi to help pass the time for all parents.
  • Only booked birthday parties are permitted to bring in outside food. Don’t worry, parents are okay to bring in outside coffees!
  • Our location has free parking