Hours, Rates and Contact

Sun:    10AM to 6PM
Mon:   12PM to 4PM
Tues:   12PM to 4PM
Wed:   12PM to 4PM
Thur:  12PM to 4PM
Fri:      12PM to 4PM
Sat:     10AM to 630PM

Weekday Rates
Under 2 years $5.99
2 years and over $7.99

Weekend Rates
Under 2 years $7.99  
2 years and over $9.99*

*All ages holidays and Pro D days

Drop and Shop
$11.99 Weekday 1 hour
$15.99 Weekday 2 hours
$13.99 Weekend 1 hour
$17.99 Weekend 2 hours

Group Rates
$6.99 each (min 10 kids and valid weekdays only)

*1 parent must stay at all times and socks are required to play.

14311 Entertainment Bvld,
Richmond, BC

*Free parking.